Welcome to a Brand New World of Opportunity.

Ouroboros Entertainment is a monetization specialist. Our business isĀ making you more money, but before we get in to that let us explain what Ouroboros means. Ouroboros is the ancient name for the snake that eats it’s own tail. It’s the original meta. You may think meta is a new concept, but the idea is as old as humanity. Using the ancient conceptĀ is how our accelerated monetization system works. We build off of what you have already been doing in order to make you more money. You get to do exactly what you’ve been doing, what you want to do. The only difference is you’ll be making more money doing it.

Imagine No Longer Being Under The Thumb of Ad Revenue or Subject YouTube’s Whims

With our monetization system, you won’t have to worry about the next adjustment to YouTube’s algorithm. Ad revenue and YouTube algorithms, be damned. We can make it so a small loyal following can make you more money than having millions of subscribers. If you already have millions of subscribers, great, we can help you monetize that audience even more than ad revenues ever could. The process is easy to get started. There are no upfront costs. We don’t take a cut of any ad revenue you’ve been able to generate. All we do is make you more money. Please feel free to see how our process works and then reach out to us so we can partner up and you can start earning more.